Your BEAUTIFUL story

told through our images.

What is our style and how do we work?

Our approach to photography isn’t exactly photojournalistic – if you’re standing in a dark corner while getting dressed or doing something important we will definitely have you move to a prettier area – but we do like to photograph the day as it happens organically.

We take control and give direction when needed (hello wedding party!) and we will give you little things to do to take your mind off of being photographed and bring out natural reactions and emotions, but we try to blend in as much as possible and allow you to enjoy your day.

Things you want that we can help you with:


in your photos, and in your photographers!

You don’t want to stress about WHAT photos NEED TO BE TAKEN

Let us help you do all of the photo-related planning beforehand.

YOU WANT sweet memories of your friends and families.

Family is the most important thing to us – we will make sure to get beautiful photos of you without turning it into a photo shoot so you have plenty of time to spend with your families!

What should you expect during your time spent with us?

First, we’ll make you get close.

Then we’ll make you get closer. We love intimate moments. The moments that are genuine and real and the moments that make you say ‘that’s so us’ when you see the photos. During your session we’ll chat with each other, we’ll play games, and we’ll give you directions and actions so that you’re acting like yourselves and not stuck in a stiff pose that’s making you uncomfortable.

We’ll ask you to walk and chat and dance, and we’ll also ask you to kiss while we’re all up in your faces. There will be lots of laughing and holding hands and forehead kisses and you’ll probably feel awkward but we promise that the photos are worth it – we try to make it as fun and stress free as possible. We just like to have fun and laugh and we love couples that are up for anything.

“Our pictures are a dream come true.”


Having worked in the wedding industry for so long, we know what a wedding schedule should look like for a stress-free day. We work with you to create a timeline that lets you get the all the photos you want while still enjoying your day and spending time with your friends and family.

We’ve worked with photographers in the past who seem to forget that your wedding day is about YOU and not about getting images for their portfolio (although that is a bonus!). We know what photos need to be taken and we work efficiently to get you back to your reception as quickly as possible.

Because you deserve to eat all of the delicious food that you picked out.

The Process:

Get In Touch

Fill out our contact form and tell us about your wedding – give as much detail as you can! We love couples who care about each other, care about their day and are excited to work with us.

If you’re interested in working with us, we’ll set up a time to chat and make sure we all get along and can imagine working together.

Book With Us

After we’ve chatted and you decide you like us (keep in mind you’ll be spending the most time with us out of everyone at your wedding!), we’ll send you a contract to go over and fill out when you’re ready.

– Sign the contract
– Make a payment of 1/3 of the total
– Your photographer is booked!

Game Night!

We have tons of games so let’s hang out and play! We’ll feed you barbecue.

We also like suggestions so if you have a game that we haven’t played before, bring it with you and we’ll learn!


“How do you write a review for people who so PERFECTLY captured all of the love and happiness on your big day? Erin and Peter at Daphne and Dean Photography did just that. After scouring the internet for our wedding photographer, we stumbled upon their website and fell in LOVE with how much love you can feel in each and every one of their photographs. From that point on we knew we would want to work with Erin & Peter. They made every part of our day seamless from getting ready all the way to the very end of the night. All in all, hiring Daphne and Dean Photography was the BEST choice we made for our wedding. We would 100% recommend them to any of our friends who get married in the future.” -Jenn

“Not only is their photography stunning, organic & timeless, but they are such kind-hearted people you immediately trust and are happy to share one of the most important days of your life with.”



We’ve spent years creating and refining wedding collections that work for most people; however, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for we are more than happy to work with you to create a custom collection for your wedding day. Not every wedding is one-size-fits-all and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to book with us, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t see what you want. We’re friendly, we promise!


  • 7 HOURS





Engagement sessions, anniversary sessions, or just because! Our sessions are 60 minutes and include an online gallery with all of your images and a personal printing release so you can easily download and print your photos wherever you’d like.



Frequently Asked Questions:

All of our images are delivered in a beautiful and easy-to-use online gallery. The gallery is active for one year after your wedding date, and you can easily save your photos, share them to social media and order prints from our lab. You will receive your finished gallery within 90 days (and I’m not making any promises but it’s usually sooner!).

We require a retainer of 1/3 of the total and a signed contract in order to reserve your date. The second payment is due six months before your wedding and the final payment is due thirty days before your wedding.

Nope! We don’t deliver every photo – immediately after the wedding we get rid of all of the blinks, mistakes that happen when someone walks in front of the camera, or occasional duplicates where we hit the shutter button twice in a row (or in Peter’s case fifteen times in a row). Those photos are deleted right away, however we would gain absolutely nothing from holding back ANY beautiful images so we promise you aren’t missing anything! We typically deliver 600+ photos for an average 7 hour wedding.

We don’t work from a shot list, and please don’t ask us to! If we are trying to work from a list that you found online it’s more likely that we will miss the candid moments that everyone loves so much! We have photographed 250+ weddings and know what is important, and because there are two of us we will most likely capture everything that would be on your list anyway. This doesn’t apply to family photos – we always create a list with you to make sure we get everything that is important to you. You’re in capable hands, we promise!

We have been photographing weddings since 2012. A friend (hey Todd!) asked us if we wanted to photograph his sister’s wedding – we had never photographed a wedding on our own before but said ‘what the heck, why not!’ Thankfully for everyone it went great haha. Shortly after, we started our business and here we are now!

This is not a question, but everyone always asks!

Ready to Connect?

If you’ve looked through our website and like what you see, we would love to talk to you!

Fill out our contact form and tell us a little about you, your partner and your wedding day and we will get back to you as soon as we can – we can’t wait to hear from you!