Intimate Backyard Wedding | Cassidy & Dom

May 17, 2017

GUYS! I am so excited to share Cassidy & Dom’s intimate backyard wedding with you today!

I have so many things to say about this wedding and no idea how to make it all flow nicely so this post might be a hot mess – sorry! To begin with, I met Cassidy when she was nine – NINE! My sister Amy and I had changed ballet schools in 2006 and the first day I was there I met a girl named Morgan and we instantly became best friends – and Cassidy and Morgan are sisters so it was only natural that Amy and Cassidy became best friends too!

When Cassidy mentioned that she met a guy, I was like oh cool! and then moved on. Little did I know they would be getting engaged a few months later and then married shortly after that. I didn’t meet Dom until the wedding day but every time he was brought up in conversation before that at least one person would say ‘oh my gosh Dom is so adorable and sweet’ (my mom included!) so I knew that he had to be a great guy! Every time he looks at Cassidy you can basically see hearts in his eyes – kinda like this:

Cassidy is the funniest and sweetest person in the world and Dom compliments her perfectly. This is the first wedding that I’ve ever photographed without Peter (but I had my sister Amy as an assistant and a ton of these pictures are hers because she’s amazing!) and I was secretly terrified (shhh!) but wound up having such an amazing time. The entire wedding was so family oriented and it was just a celebration of two people who are in love – they didn’t do anything because they had to, they just spent time with their families and had fun. It’s honestly one of my favorite weddings that I’ve ever been to and it’s the first wedding that made me cry while I was editing! Every time I opened my laptop and saw any of their photos I couldn’t stop myself.

It’s also the first blog post that I’ve included father/daughter dance photos in – I usually don’t post them but you can just tell how much everyone loves each other and it all makes me so happy so I wanted to share it here.

Congratulations Cassidy & Dom, I <3 you both.

OH and my sister Amy made the cake and cupcakes and she does it for a lot of weddings if anyone is interested, wink wink.

intimate backyard wedding

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