The first thing you should know is that we'll make you get close. After that, we'll make you get closer.

We love intimate moments. The moments that are genuine and real and the moments that make you say ‘that’s so us’ when you see the photos. During your sessions we’ll chat with each other, we’ll play games, and we’ll give you directions and actions so that you’re acting like yourselves and not stuck in a stiff pose that’s making you uncomfortable. You might even forget that you’re being photographed because you’re having so much fun!

We’ll ask you to walk and chat and dance, and we’ll also ask you to kiss while we’re all up in your faces. There will be lots of laughing and holding hands and forehead kisses and you’ll probably feel awkward but we promise that the photos are worth it! And we’ve been photographed before so we totally get how you feel but we try to make it as fun and stress free as possible. We just like to have fun and laugh and we love couples that are up for anything.

These are the words that are most often used to describe our photos.

And here's the thing: we don't get these photos by making people stand a certain way or put their hands in a certain place and turn their heads at a certain angle, we get our photos by having fun and letting couples interact the way that they normally would. We capture people as they naturally are because we love to tell their stories.


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