It’s All In the Details!

Hey! It’s the weekend! That doesn’t mean exactly what it used to since I work from home now, but it’s still exciting because I get to spend time with Peter and do fun things!

Today’s post is a little different than usual; I’ve been posting a lot of engagements and weddings but I really want to try to start posting more helpful content for brides and other photographers, starting with how to get your wedding published on a blog or in a magazine! We’ve actually had a lot of brides asking us about this recently and I’m going to tell you a secret:

It’s all in the details.

No really, it is. You can have stunning portraits and and the best looking bridal party in the world but editors and bloggers are not going to accept a wedding if there aren’t details (and lots of them). Every time we submit a wedding for publication we’re considering a bunch of things that we know the editors want: is there a cohesive color palette? Are there unique/DIY elements? Does the wedding day tell a story?

Some of our most blogged and re-pinned weddings were Lindsay & Ben, Rochelle & Dustin, and Hillary & Will’s. Why? Because they had the details that blogs and brides are looking for! Think about it – if you’re on Pinterest, are you going to repin photos of some random persons guests and portraits of them, or are you going to repin photos of details that inspire you or projects you’d like to include in your wedding? The world of wedding blogs is all about creating content that other brides will want to read and be inspired by.

Lindsay & Ben’s wedding was full of rustic, wooden details. The barn was covered in bunting (that Lindsay cut and sewed all by herself!!) and flowers done by Whim Events. There was antique china from both of their families, homemade desserts, and hand painted signs. Everything a DIY bride loves! 

it's all in the details, daphne and dean photography, connecticut wedding photographer

Rochelle & Dustin’s wedding clearly had a cohesive color palette – lavender! The hand painted signs and antique details tied all of the elements of the day together, and guests tossed (forcefully threw) lavender buds at them as they walked down the aisle for the first time as a married couple! 

it's all in the details, getting your wedding published, daphne and dean photography

Hillary & Will’s wedding had a nautical theme. Will is an artist and made all of the invitations, escort cards, and guest book poster by hand – that is something that editors absolutely love! They had an assortment of cakes and yellow and blue flowers everywhere (those were done by Grace Kim who we highly recommend – she’s the sweetest!). Their venue was stunning and surrounded by water and wild plants and nature (our favorite!!) so there was a natural element running through the whole wedding.

it's all in the details, getting your wedding published, daphne and dean photography

This is all not to say that if you don’t do everything at your wedding DIY that it won’t get published – all editors think differently! This has just been our experience in the last few years. If you’re interested in getting your wedding published, just put some thought into it and don’t buy everything from the wedding aisle Michael’s the week before the wedding haha! Not that any of our brides would do that, but you know what I mean.

If you have any other questions about this (or photographers, if you’re curious about how to submit a wedding for publication) feel free to let us know! I also love doing crafts and projects so if you want any help with your wedding details you can totally ask me! Have a great weekend!



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