Our Favorite Wedding Venues in New England

We’ve decided to share some of our favorite wedding venues in New England while we’re in the midst of editing a few weddings, engagements, and portrait sessions. Hopefully this will help someone who is trying to decide where they would like to get married!

1. Tyrone Farm – Pomfret, Connecticut

Tyrone Farm is a family run venue in Northern Connecticut. It is the most adorable place we have ever been to and we didn’t want to leave when the wedding was over! There is a beautiful old farmhouse, a perfect barn, fields of wildflowers and an old  unused greenhouse FULL of goldenrod. It’s perfect for cozy rustic weddings!

Daphne and Dean Our Favorite Wedding Venues in New England, Tyrone Farm Wedding, Connecticut Wedding Venues


2. The Squantum Association – East Providence, Rhode Island

We were in awe when we arrived at this venue – one side of it is mansions and overgrown, wild pathways, and the other side is beautiful sparkly water. There are SO many different locations for photos, and the whole place has a very vintage and romantic feel to it. We loved wandering around with the bride and groom, taking our time with them and enjoying the beautiful breeze and sunshine. We can’t wait to go back there!

Daphne and Dean Our Favorite Wedding Venues in New England, The Squantum Association Wedding, Rhode Island


3. Lord Thompson Manor – Thompson, Connecticut

We LOVED photographing at Lord Thompson Manor! Not only are the grounds stunning (wooded pathways, winding driveways, and climbing ivy everywhere), but the staff there is lovely which is not always a guarantee at wedding venues. They were helpful, thoughtful, and very organized. If you want a romantic wedding, this venue should definitely be a possibility!


4. The Spirit Horse Farm – Kent, Connecticut

The Spirit Horse Farm is a quaint little farm that is definitely not as well known as it should be! It has a cottage that you can rent for the weekend to have everyone get ready in and the grounds are beautiful and fun; there is a huge teepee in one of the horse fields, and peacocks run around all day! Whenever we are there everyone gets married in the vegetable garden (how adorable is that?) but there are other locations you can choose from. For the reception they set up a tent behind the cottage that overlooks the horse fields and the sun sets just over the trees – it’s stunning.

Daphne and Dean Our Favorite Wedding Venues in New England, The Spirit Horse Farm Wedding


5. The Webb Barn – Old Wethersfield, Connecticut

This is the venue that we chose for our wedding this past June so obviously it’s one of our favorites! The minute we walked into it for the first time we knew that it was where we wanted to get married. The barn is gorgeous and the property is beautiful. We got married under the big tree outside which is something I always dreamed of – I just love how peaceful it is here!


6. Lighthouse Point Park – New Haven, Connecticut

We love it here! It’s fun and breezy and who doesn’t love the beach? We especially love all of the windows at this venue! They cover three out of four walls of the building and the only one that doesn’t have windows is the one that has a giant carousel in from of it! The ceilings in this building are so tall that even if you have 250 guests, it still feels like you have plenty of space. One thing to remember though – avoid this place during holidays, it’s SO crowded!!


7. Wadworth Mansion – Middletown, Connecticut

Anyone who visits Wadsworth Mansion is sure to fall in love with it! The building is beautiful and bright and the property is stunning – it reminds me from something out of Pride and Prejudice! Not to mention we always love working with The Connecticut Wedding Group! 🙂

Daphne and Dean Our Favorite Wedding Venues in New England, Wadworth Mansion Wedding


8. Mystic Seaport – Mystic, Connecticut

This honestly isn’t a venue that we thought we would fall in love with, but we did! Zac and Erin chose to get married on a sailboat, but there are plenty of locations on the grounds where you can have a ceremony. If you like water views, historic buildings, and boats everywhere, this is definitely somewhere you should consider getting married!

Daphne and Dean Our Favorite Wedding Venues in New England, Mystic Seaport Wedding


9. St. Patrick – St. Anthony Church – Hartford, Connecticut

This isn’t exactly a venue, but for those of you who want a classic church ceremony it’s definitely the one we would recommend! It’s big and bright and full of light – something that you can’t always find in a church. A lot of times they are too dark and we have to use flashes, IF flashes are even allowed. This church is just so gorgeous we had to add it in here!

Daphne and Dean Our Favorite Wedding Venues in New England - St Patrick St Anthony Church Hartford Connecticut


10. The Lace Factory – Deep River, Connecticut

Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of this venue as we haven’t photographed there yet, but we will be there in November and again next year! We went on a walk-through with our November bride and groom and their families and immediately fell in love. It’s industrial and rustic at the same time and beautiful, and it’s another venue that is covered in windows – stay tuned to see wedding photos from there!



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