Dear Brides: Stay Happy At Your Wedding!

Alright brides, this one is for you and it’s a good one! (Make sure you read to the end – I split up the text which I don’t normally do!)

Everyone describes wanting their wedding day to be ‘the happiest day of their life’ but let’s be honest – it can be stressful, sometimes confusing, and downright hectic – leaving it nearly impossible to stay happy at your wedding the whole time. There is a lot of planning that goes in to it and because of that you want it to go perfectly – trust me, I’ve been there! Unfortunately it doesn’t always go as planned. Things get misplaced, timelines get forgotten, and weird stuff can happen (you’d be surprised what we’ve seen!). Well, we’re here to remind you to stay happy! You might think, ‘well duh Erin, obviously I’m going to be happy on my wedding day!’ but sometimes it’s a conscious decision that you have to make. For Peter and myself, it’s one that we made early on in the whole wedding planning process. I was getting stressed which was making him stressed, and neither of us liked it, so one day we sat down and just had an honest discussion about it. We decided to:

• Stay happy.
• Not stress out about anything.
• Make decisions together.
• Remember that it’s  one day out of our whole lives.

I guess not everyone will agree with us on this, but thinking this way made our day SO MUCH better than it would have been otherwise! Here’s why:

One of our cakes melted in the heat | I forgot to pack string to hang our escort cards from (they were supposed to be strung between two ladders) | An important stitch in my dress popped during our first look | The flowers that were delivered the morning of the wedding were white instead of pink | Annnd the best man locked Peter’s keys in the car and the police had to be called right before the ceremony. Yes, we had the police at our wedding.

Clearly all of these things are not the end of the world, but when you’re the bride on your wedding day they can be really catastrophic! Lucky for us we had made the decision to be happy so none of this was a big deal to me and it really was the best day of our lives!

So how does this relate to you and your pictures?

When we’re sorting through all of the pictures after the wedding day, we don’t keep the ones where you and/or your new spouse look sad, mad or downright angry (obviously). If you’re stressed out or worried about something it’s going to show on your face – I promise! We can’t keep those photos, so that’s less photos that we deliver to you.

This is Hillary – you may remember her from this wedding. It was one of our favorites of 2014 (and it’s literally our favorite venue ever so if anyone wants to get married there, please let us know!!). She was smiling the. entire. day.

radiant bride, beautiful bride, the squantum association wedding

I’m sure things went wrong at her wedding (like they always do at every wedding) but nothing fazed her. And you know what? We had SO MANY images after her wedding that we had trouble narrowing them down! She was stunning and one of the most beautiful brides I have every seen, and I honestly think that was in part because of her beautiful smile and wonderful, positive attitude!

Be happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photography

be happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photographybe happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photographybe happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photography

Another gorgeous 2014 bride that we had was Rochelle (see her wedding here). She also had some things go wrong at her wedding, but nothing fazed her! Like at our wedding, nothing was seriously catastrophic (the tablecloth overlays weren’t ironed, the entrance music wasn’t exactly as she had planned), but she had braced herself the week before by telling herself that anything could happen; rain, late hair and makeup, a stain on the dress – you never know! In her words, “We always think of the negatives, especially when it’s like, the day before, but Dustin (her husband) helped me focus on all of the positives. It’s literally just one day, so plan for the marriage and not just the wedding.” Marriage is exciting!

be happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photographybe happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photographybe happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photographybe happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photographybe happy at your wedding, daphne and dean photography

So why should you stay happy at your wedding?

Well, you’ll most likely wind up with more pictures from your day which is always a plus. But you’ll also save yourself a bunch of headaches and you’ll have so much fun! Your wedding day will be the best day of your life if you just relax, so enjoy the entire process and know that at the end of it, you will have amazing memories and you will be married!!



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