We’re so excited that you found us! We are a husband and wife team, and we LOVE working together and photographing couples! Our photography style is cozy, natural and organic, and we love to focus on the in-between moments and the genuine emotions. We don’t pose people but instead direct them to do things that will bring out their real personalities and reactions which help us to get the most authentic photos.


We love couples who are fun and adventurous and laugh a lot, and we love weddings that are unique and full of personal details.

In our free time you can usually find us on a day trip, DIY-ing things for our home, playing with our cat Dean or biking. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our 'Why'

We believe in documenting stories as they happen, with real feelings and real emotions. Why? Because we want everyone to get that warm, nostalgic feeling that we get when we look at our family photo albums; the feeling that you can’t get from looking at photos on your iPad or laptop.

When we moved into Peter’s grandfather’s house after he passed away we spent hours and hours going through all of the old photo albums and boxes of pictures that we never knew existed. It was so overwhelming (in a good way) and incredibly emotional and that feeling is the one that pushes our business forward.

We don’t take certain photos because Pinterest told us we should, and we definitely don’t follow any set of ‘rules;’ we just document your love story as it unfolds so that you will always remember how you felt on your wedding day, and your children and grandchildren can see what real love looks like.


Disney (World or Land), Cape Cod, sunsets, weekend home projects, adventure days, Acadia National Park, hammocks, pine forests, geocaching, mountain biking, steamed cheeseburgers, finding sea glass, picnics, driving without a destination, Big Sur, plaid, board games (Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride are our favorites!), cats, and broccoli (weird, I know).

Fun Fact:

Years ago we were waiting for a couple because we were going to meet with them. Unfortunately we didn't know what they looked like and they didn't know what we looked like and we wound up sitting back to back with them for 30 MINUTES (we were both early) until I called and the people behind us answered. In order to avoid that, this is what we look like!

And we can't forget Dean the cat, of course.