A Letter to Our Future Clients.

This is probably the most important blog post that you will ever read from us – if you usually skip over the words and go straight to the pictures, then please take a moment and read this!

A Letter To Our Future Clients:

We’ve been  rebranding our business over the past few months and because of that we’ve been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of planning – it’s so exciting! It’s made us talk about some things though, one of which is what we wanted our business to be when we started it. We really wanted to build personal relationships with our clients and not just have everything be transactional, because in our opinion there is nothing worse than that. We want to be friends with our clients on their wedding day, not just a vendor who shows up, takes pictures, and leaves. As Peter said last night (because he likes corny analogies): we don’t just want to sell seeds, we want to invest our time and grow things and sell flowers! Haha. We want people to want to book us based not only on our photographs, but also us as people. That’s why we booked our wedding photographer! Not only is she the most amazing photographer in the world, but she is the sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet.

Having said that, it’s very important for us to form relationships with our clients. We have said no to photographing weddings before because we’ve felt that we weren’t the right fit for the couples and it wouldn’t be fair to them to photograph their wedding. We want couples that trust us and know that we’re going to do our best for them, not couples that hand us lists that they found online and are looking over our shoulders all day. Don’t get me wrong, lists are great! I have lists all over the house. But in the case of weddings, there is the possibility that your photographer could be so busy trying to get every shot on the list, that they miss some of the candid, in-between moments, and those are our favorites (and based on what I’ve seen from those lists online, we’re probably going to get most if not all of those shots anyways)! If you’ve ever looked at our work, you know that the majority of our photos are un-posed and candid.

SO! Before you choose your wedding photographer, do your homework. Get to know them (us), talk to them, meet them, make sure you trust them! It will make your entire wedding experience so much more relaxed, fun, and memorable.

A Letter To Our Future Clients On Why You Should Trust Your Wedding Photographer by Daphne and Dean Photography, Connecticut Wedding Photographers

Also – we will never turn down chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, or burritos, so let us know if you want to go out sometime!



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