20 Wedding Dresses Under $300

March 30, 2017

Hello friends, happy almost weekend! I got the idea to compile a list of 20 wedding dresses under $300 last night while I was laying in bed and I’m actually really excited about it! A few weeks ago someone I know needed to find a wedding dress within a week and didn’t want to spend a fortune on it and through helping her, I found out that it’s not the easiest thing to do! I’m sure that a lot of girls dream about going to a dress shop and finding ‘the one’ (I did, and if you do you should definitely go to Everthine!) but the truth is that not everyone can afford to spend $1500+ on a dress! Some girls decide to elope, some have a smaller wedding budget, and some just want to spend their money elsewhere (like photography, wink wink).

So here is a (hopefully) helpful list of 20 wedding dresses under $300!

Lulu’s: Awaken My Love long-sleeved maxi dress – $84

cheap wedding dresses + 20 wedding dresses under $300

BHLDN: Tinsley Dress – $260

Nordstrom: Melina Lace Fit & Flare Maxi Dress – $238

Nordstrom: Drape Back Crepe Gown (Katie May!) – $295

Nordstrom: Inesse V-Neck Chiffon Gown – $290

BHLDN: Annabelle Dress – $260

Lulu’s: Perfect Opportunity Maxi Dress – $98

Lulu’s: Whimsical Wonder Lace Maxi Dress – $109

Lulu’s: Stylish Storyteller Lace Maxi Dress – $78

Ashley Lemieux: Aubrey Maxi Dress – $88

BHLDN: Cleo Top – $80 + Blythe Skirt – $220

BHLDN: Fleur Dress – $250

Morning Lavender: Anabelle Tulle Maxi Skirt – $70.99

Show Me Your MuMu: Audrey Maxi Dress – $198

Show Me Your MuMu: Ava Maxi Dress – $228

Show Me Your MuMu: Heather Maxi Dress – $168

Lulu’s: Love and Be Loved Dress – $84

Lulu’s: Bariano Ocean of Elegance Maxi Dress – $179

Okay, so – these last two dresses are over $300 but they’re so beautiful I just had to include them! I would definitely wear either one of them if I had the opportunity!

BHLDN: Naya Dress – $350

BHLDN: Benson Dress – $450